By Godwin Ebube 5 months ago

Oh, dear God

Bless our hearts with true love

Towards one another

Towards You, Father.


Oh, dear God

Give us our daily bread

For here is our emptiness-

That we may be full of health.


Oh, dear God

We are out for today's work-

Bless our sweats

As we hustle the land


Oh, dear God

We are sometimes mad mouths-

Hurting our hearts 

So much we need Your kiss. 


Oh, dear God

Sometimes we're weak

Caught up in life's deep pit-

But Your love don't quit. 



Oh, dear God 

Slowly we retire to dust

To rest in Your peace-

Forgive our sins, please. 



Oh, dear God

Thou Divine and Always 

Here's another day-

Thank You. For everything. 










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