Emotionally Unstable

By Jason Joshua chigozie 6 months ago

Too good to love

Too bad to hate 

It hurts to see your lover in pains

It hurts more when your lover loves someone else. 


Random memories we had

The good times and the bad

I never believed it'd end this way

True love now fades away? 


I'm scared of trusting 

Cos' the memories are hurting

Can't take back the love that I gave you

I wished I never met you. 


You were my everything

I never wanted an ending

Without you I'd be nothing

Lover and friend now turned fiends? 


Time was supposed to heal wounds 

But times seems useless without you

Like the world fell at my feet

I don't want you to leave me. 


I still see your pictures in my dreams

I can't undo the memories

Seems you took over my realms 

Everything is you and me. 


Hurting with the prettiest face

Even when I tried retracing my pace

I ended up cutting the chase 

There's nothing I can erase. 


My thoughts a weird 

I'm emotionally unstable 

I'm now a nerd

Cos' you left my heart in shambles. 


Sometimes it lasts in love

Sometimes in hurt instead

I'll be  just fine, 

Or maybe I don't wanna say. 


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