By Raaina Aranmolate 7 months ago

"kahooph. Peooph." Farrah's noisy breathing slashes the stunned silence in the board room.


"Farrah! What…what is this ?!" The chairman points a stubby finger at her. 


Farrah answers in a muffled voice, "It's an Hazmat suit sir…"


"I know what it is! Why have you worn it to the office?"


"Sir, since you've insisted that we continue working amidst this commotion, I've decided to take precautions against being infected with the Coronavirus sir."


"By wearing overalls? And…and rubber gloves. For God's sake, will you do away with the gas mask?


"You're even wearing rubber boots? What is that metal briefcase meant for?"


Farrah pulls out a huge bottle of sanitizer from the briefcase. 


The chairman slumps back into his seat.



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