Conversational Starters For The Awkward Introvert

By Obilor Nnamdi 8 months ago


According to research, there are two major types of people in the world when it comes to interpersonal communication abilities: the introvert and the extroverts, but you probably already know that. Extroverts find out that communication and cone ting with people, even complete strangers comes easily to them, while introverts are people who keep more to themselves as they prefer the pleasure of their own company. Introversion may be caused by a couple of factors, from environmental factors to biological ones, but the fact remains that whether you are an introvert or not, you still need to communicate with people, and you need to master the art of communication as perfectly as possible. We live in a world where networking and connections are more essential for career development, making friends and other important activities in life, hence, the fact that you are an introvert does not mean you should always keep to yourself. Most introverts find out that as soon as they manage to kick off a conversation, it begins to flow quite steadily, and they begin to question why they were so uneasy about approaching the stranger in the first place. Therefore, good conversational starters can make the difference between sitting awkwardly beside someone for an hour in the meeting room or talking to that someone and making a wonderful friend. So, in this article, we would be looking at amazing conversational starters for the awkward introvert. Here we go:

Ask for their view on contemporary issues: One of the most potent ways to get someone talking and starting a great conversation is by talking about current events. As you suggest events currently happening in the news, in the fashion world or in any other area you pick, you can gauge their enthusiasm and zeal to talk about a topic, and focus on the one that they seem most interested in. This method is simple and amazing, because it allows you to connect with a completely strange person while discussing something you are both knowledgeable about. From there, you can share opinions, argue about ideas, weigh the pros and cons of government decisions, and of course delve into other topics while you develop your new connection. As a matter of fact, if time runs out, you might find yourself making arrangements to meet this person another time to catch up with the again. A conversation that allows people to express their ideas and opinions can be an amazing start to a great friendship, so don’t waste that opportunity. Approach casually and gently, not like a creep, you can greet, or you can just make a comment to them, or ask them what they think about a contemporary issue. You’ll be glad you did. 


Ask about their origins: Researchers have found out that most people find it fun and nostalgic to talk about where they are from, and therefore it’s such a great idea to casually begin a conversation by asking a person about their hometown. The conversation can conveniently move from this question to the amazing memories you both about your hometowns, but as the conversation progresses, let the other person do most of the talking, just observe and learn. Most people don’t get to talk about their amazing memories to people as often as they like, and when you ask a stranger about his or her hometown, you are not only showing that you are interested in being friends, you are giving them an opportunity to pour their hearts out on some of the memories that they might hold very dear. Of course, the conversation can still flow into different other things like current happenings in their hometown, why they left, if they no longer stay there and many other fun topics. 


Ask what they like to do in their free time: This is another amazing conversational starting idea. Most people find it appealing to talk about their hobbies and what they do for leisure. The psychological effect of opening with this question when talking to a new person is that this question automatically calms them, as it brings back memories of all the great times they’ve spent doing the things they love. Often, you will find out that you have one or two things on common with this person when it comes to what you both do to relax, and voila, you’ve made a new friend. Most people watch movies, play video games, go to parks and do other kind of activities during their leisure, so to help you connect better with people, you might consider picking up a hobby that you find interesting. It will automatically help you to connect to someone as you’ll both be able to talk smoothly about that topic and even exchange amazing ideas. For instance, two people who love mountaineering meet at a bookstore. The moment they both find out that they have at least one thing in common with each other, they automatically bond, and might even make plans to go mountaineering together the next time they both want to. Now, tell me that isn’t amazing. 


Share a meme, funny picture or video with them: You might just be scrolling through your Twitter feed and stumble upon an incredibly hilarious meme or a rib-cracking video. Laughter is infectious and helps to calm and relax people. Showing that person that funny post will make them laugh and from there you can talk about the video, the circumstances surrounding the events depicted, and move to other topics from there., This method is simple and effective, and you can have a store of specially saved videos and pictures for this purpose to make this style of approach even more effective. It’s easy. Imagine this conversation. 


“Hi, do you mind checking this video out?”

“Wow, that’s completely insane! He completely ripped that guy’s car in half! Who lugs a chainsaw in their truck anyway?”

“Maybe he is a serial killer” …


It’s easy, amazing and effective. You help put a smile on a stranger’s face, and you make a new friend. Thank you, technology!


Ask about nice places in town: Another amazing conversation starter is this amazing question. It helps make the other person relaxed as they reel out names of fun places they’ve gone to, and even sometimes, they can go on to tell you about some of the amazing memories that’ve had in these places. 


As an introvert, making use of these simple conversational starters in all sorts of situations can help you connect more easily to people and make a huge difference in your social life. Go forth and put a smile on someone’s face today. 



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