Colour Of Her Tears

By Ekene Daniel 7 months ago

It was yesternight I saw her in something similar to a trance.

She was weeping and

Each tear dripping down her cheeks were like burning coals on my chest.

I couldn't help but wonder,

What could be the cause of this dystopia?

And just like Joseph I saw the beginning from the end.


She won't let go.

She is afraid to let him go.

She fears if she let go, she would never find another or someone better.

She worries about what people would say if she lets go.

So, she makes a mistake of dragging this thing for so long.


He doesn't love her as much as she does him.

He disrespects her-

her values and her name

He can't even acknowledge her existence

He doesn't treat her right.

He doesn't hate her though,

but he doesn't love her as much as she does.

Aha! 'much' that is where the problem lies.


This is her mistake...

Staying with someone you don't totally love

(Or doesn't appreciate your love).

You will be dragging it for so long,

Placing yourself in such a condition

that scandal and hard feelings become unavoidable.


This is her ignorance…

Being tied to someone because you fear what people may say.

People's expressions about you are just their personal opinions which don't really count.

Moreover, it's your life, not theirs.

And when the chips are down YOU

and only you would bear the joy or the pain.


This is her fear...

Thinking if you let go you would never find another or someone better.

And I begin to wonder as I wander down d depths of her fragile heart,

"where did she get such degrading ideas from?"


Look at the mirror.

And see for yourself.

You are beautiful.

You are intelligent.

You are strong.

Moreover, the Creator loves you so much to give you anything less than the best

(if U believe in one).

So why settle for such?


So, let her arise, not to devastate or to conquer,

But to re-establish her self- worth and the reign of her dignity.

And let her pursue virtue and she will find love again,

happiness, honour, and independence.


And maybe me too.

The one who has seen the colour of her tears.

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