By Ikoyo Providence 6 months ago


I could hear the banging noise on the door, each bang set my heart racing with tears dripping from my eyes "why is momma taking her time?" I moaned slowly "not again!" 

 "Now will you open the door...come give me a stick of matches" Michael ordered. I wasn't going to open the door, each time he meets me alone, he wanted to do something with me by force,  but why should he want to do that thing with me? I am too young for him, he should do it with those aunties in the yard...but it's strange, I love what he wants to do but i don't want him to be the one doing it, i prefer if Queeneth my friend or his younger brother James were the ones doing it. But what exactly are we doing, we are just playing right? Then why don't i want to play with Brother Michael, is it because he is big or maybe he is not my friend, he is wicked? Yes, he is because I would not be afraid if Brother Destiny wants to play with me...but are we really playing? We usually don't want anyone seeing us play that kind of play...

"Stupid girl open this door or I'll beat you when I see you outside" Michael kept on threatening. I stood up, I would go and open or he'll definitely beat me, nobody is going to save me, mummy is never around, she is working so hard for the family and dad? I missed him a lot but I don't were he is!

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