Changes In The World To Come

By Okoronkwo Francis 6 months ago

One of the changes you would notice after graduation from the university is that you’ll learn to juggle several things at once, including your personal development, your finance (because you need to fend for yourself), and perhaps your job responsibilities if you get one.

Change is a great challenge, and many today are not really expectant of this change, they are doing nothing to prepare for the days to come. In real life, you are entirely responsible for your life (I say this for undergraduates that will get to read this write up). That’s one of the changes you’ll encounter.

Civilization had undergone several changes, and I think it is important I start with showing us the five stages of civilization so that we would check for ourselves and know that this change is worth preparing for. We have had the Hunter Gatherer/cave man stage, he only knows about hunting and gathering—that’s the only thing he can think of. Before you know it, Agricultural age set in, and all who were hunters were displaced and left with no option than to farm and keep livestock, it became obvious that if they don’t, their survival rate will be minimal. As the Agricultural stage or age had fully established itself, the industrial age arrived unannounced. People built factories and learnt specialization; the agricultural products were taken through an assembly line with efficiency and high level of productivity. Imagine you are the farmer, you were happy you produce more products than the cave man and suddenly a factory and industry spring up that beats your productivity level, what would you do? Get jealous? That is the least thing to do, instead learn new skill sets that will well adapt you to the industrial age. Though the farmer still produces, but industries produced more and people who work there earn more too. So unless the farmer is ready to go the way of industrialization, he would be left with nothing except maybe catering for his family. As they were yet celebrating industrialization, information and knowledge era ensued. The knowledge and information era which we are in right now brought about a downsizing of factory workers. Do you think that the current unemployment level would be helped? People are losing their job because they lack the knowledge to well adapt in this era and you are there doing nothing to enhance your knowledge and become employable. I pity you.

But this era is even a tip of an iceberg, we are gradually entering into a new era called the Wisdom age. The world of limitless possibilities, the world of artificial intelligence, the world where everything will work on automation, and if you don’t learn how to handle those softwares, there would be no place for you- no matter your area of specialization.

Let’s look at attitudes that Hinder change

Many of us are unknowingly developing attitudes that hinder change and stunt our growth. We need to let go of such attitudes as they are capable of robbing us of opportunities, growth and even our goals. What are these attitudes?

1. Closed-mindedness:  some have closed their minds to new ideas that try to jilt their present complacency. They are resentful, not open to exciting challenges, not willing to learn new ideas. We don’t try things before judging. We need to work on this aspect seriously as it has the capacity of stopping us from tapping into the resources that are available to us.

2. The I ‘can’t’ syndrome: who told you that you cannot? Knock off the last ‘T’ in can’t and discover that you can. You can learn any skill set you want to. I am currently enrolled in google digital marketing course because I feel I can learn it. And I won’t stop there. I have no basic background of computer before, but I Believe I can, and today to some extent, I have learnt technology to a degree.

3. Apathy, or the ‘I don’t care’ syndrome: listen to me oh! You must care, that is my major reason of putting up this post, to make you care. The truth is, if you don’t learn this now, you will remain unemployable. I know will tell me, “I will start a business then” but I am only laughing because the world has gone so digital that even your business required technology to survive, else you and your business will go obsolete. Your relevance to a degree is tied to digital skills. So, you better care now, and begin repositioning your mind to learn more. We are living in a technologically evolving generation and here you are showing apathy, better receive sense now. Begin to position yourself to this change, for it will happen. Imagine when a business adviser is telling a CEO to sack unproductive staff and replace them with softwares. My question is this, what does he mean by the word unproductive? Your productivity in this new age is tied to your knowledge about the digital world and what happens there. Who would eventually be left in the company after downsizing ‘unproductive’ staff members? It is those who know how to operate those softwares.

4. Loss of motivation: please be motivated to learn at least one digital skill, if you can learn all, please do. I made a post before about digital skills, if you need it, you can contact me for it.

Be encouraged to learn and prepare yourself for this new future, it is here already. I know we can all get discouraged, we lose motivation, but for the sake of the future, please do.

Knowing the particular problem that hinders you from accepting change will help you tackle them. To prepare for the future, you need foresight, you need to foresee the future and accurately predict what will be happening soon. In your choice of career, what are you foreseeing that you need to start preparing for? That is the best way to prepare for this future, check, know what to prepare for, and begin now to develop skills relevant for that area.


Till I write to you again.

To your prosperity,

Okechukwu Francis Okoronkwo (O.F.O)


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