Cast In Stone

By Victor Adakole 4 months ago

I love my parents. I'm here sitting and trying to concentrate between watching the TV and using a side eye to spy my parents who are playing love play on the three sitter cushion. You see, my daddy just returned from a six months course, and it is very clear that mom missed her husband. We all did. But she is using every chance to enjoy his presence. It is a beautiful sight that should draw joy from anyone, but dark clouds were hanging over us. The tension was rife and mom seems to be in charge. The rule was simple - don't talk about it to anyone, even if they ask.

Three months ago, I traveled to go see my aunt. But on my way back, our vehicle was attacked by robbers. After searching us and taking our valuables, they decided to handpick five people to come with them. Unfortunately, I was among them. We were taken to a house and tied up. It was like a dream.

The next morning, I was taken to someone they called "Boss" and he asked them to take me to his suite. We got to his bedroom and they proceeded to undress me. I blanked out after that. On the third day of captivity, they dropped us off on the road and zoomed off.

The journey home was difficult but I made it - thanks to help from good Samaritans. My mother was relieved I was alive, and so was I. But I noticed that my dad was not aware of my experience. When I asked my mother why she said she didn't want to disturb daddy, but that when he returns, he would be told.

A month later, we discovered I was pregnant. The problem was that I couldn't recall how it happened or who was responsible. It was bad I got kidnapped, and as if God turned His back on me, I got impregnated by one of those evil men. I and my mom went to the doctor and thankfully, there was no disease. The next question was what to do with the baby. I do not want it, neither does my mom, but she said we should take out time to consider the situation.

It was a surreal experience altogether. I wanted to call my dad; mom refused. While she couldn’t give me any reasonable excuse, I decided to make contacts with my friends to help me with information on abortion clinics or specialists. A few days later, mom came charging at me while I was watching TV.

“What is this on this paper? Are you trying to kill me? I told you to wait for me, and you went behind my back to make inquiries?” I was shocked.

I told her that I could not keep this baby; it would have to be over my dead body. My mom also vowed that she would die before she watched her child kill another child. And the game was set.

I couldn’t go out. My phone was seized and I lived in hell until my daddy returned. And even now, three months later, I still live in prison in my own house. I made several attempts to talk to my dad alone, but mom was always there. Before I said anything, she would interrupt and start touching my dad in weird places until I left. I am here sitting and watching them play; the baby is still growing; there is no concrete decision made yet, and my mom is still in charge. Maybe I should end it all.

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