Can't Stop Loving You.

By Lawrence Ruth 16 months ago

             Can't Stop Loving You.

Who do I think of when am sad?           

Whomakes me feel special?                     

Who knows how to put those smiles on me

When I close my eyes who do I see?         

It's all you my dear one                                   

Love, they said it's a mystery, this I doubt until I knew you because I love you without reasons.


It's strange and weird how I want you of me 

While loving you at same time.                     

Hiding all your pictures and clothes.             

Running away from our favourite sport .     

Deleting your number and blocking you 

And washing off all your scent is just a waist of time.                                                     

Because I can still see you in my heart.


Avoiding you is painful .                                   

Thinking am strong enough without you     

Only to find my self calling you.                 

I've been made  helpless by your love.           

Can't just stop loving you.


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