By ThankGod williams PoetLord 11 months ago

I am drugs, I have done many bad things 

I am drugs, I have killed so many people 

I am drugs, I can make you go mad 

But don't you blame me, am not bad 

It's  not my fault that I'm this way but who cares .


I am drugs I have done. Many harm 

I make you high , I make you carry arms

This is why many take me, but who cares 

I am drugs I am not sure I do you a favor 

I make many kiss their early graves.


You buy me with your penny 

You take me with your belly 

But I hurt you with your feelings 

I make you hit your wife

I make you bit your children .


You remember how you dropped out of school 

You remember how you pulled the trigger 

You remember how you shot Ebuka 

You remember how you rape Nneka 

Yes, I mean yes , I caused all these things to you 

What will you do?  Nothing, yes nothing .


You can't fight me because you are weak 

You can't stop me because you are so addicted

I always win you because you can be predicted 

I will suck you dry, because I'm not alone 

We are family, you can abandon us all

Marijuana, Tm, Cocaine, tobacco and coddein are my brothers, yes I mean my brothers. 


I have made you so tattered and lose,  yes I I did 

Of everything I did to you, it's not my fault 

It's my nature to intoxicate

It's my nature to frustrate 

It's my nature to be me 

If you can stop using me then you are free 

Remember  i don't care if you do .


I will make you become so forsaken 

Until you can't be forgiven 

Wise words from people but you don't listen 

I am drugs, I'm making this confession that I am not good for you. 

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