Biological Clock

By Emediong Ebong 7 months ago

Dear Diary,
I cannot promise not to do something nasty to the next person that tells me; "you better pick a man now that they are flocking around you, very soon nobody will look at you again".

When will our society grow out of pressuring ladies into wrong marriages?

When will we grow out of judging a woman's success by her marital status?

When will we stop making women feel that they are only beautiful for a season, after which they become wilted and undesirable?

When will we start telling women, "take your time and choosē wisely, its better to marry late than marry wrong"?

When will we start telling women, "you are fearfully and wonderfully made, no matter how old you are"?

When will we start telling women, "wait on the Lord in the PLACE and PURPOSE He has for you, and the one whose heart He has touched for you will find you"?

When, dear diary, when?

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