Best Friend

By Wisdom Ahamefula 13 months ago

"...Keep calm it's my birthday"

I'm calm and forever I'll be

Why voice out at the expense 

of your happiness? 


No no!!

Your well-being is my command 


I'll just be here more than 

your guardian angel.

I'll be with and see you through thick and thins

I'll forever be a part of you 

But preferably in ignorance


Just like the no harm causing tornado 

I'll give you mild turbulence but will 

Never give a yes to your request

I'll forever be your shadow 


I'm to safeguard and be your guide

Like the wind, I'll caress and

Keep you in the cool


Penetrating all holes and endlessly

Being dutiful as the lifter of your skirt.

This is my pledge.


I'm your loyal Best Friend.

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Wisdom Ahamefula
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