Being Principled

By Adeyemo Eyitayo 13 months ago

Evening guys,  How's your day all going? I believe you're all doing great!

I just wanna lighten up your mood and share with you some experience which could help in our everyday life and also how to deal with situations.

We all know that "Principle" as a behavioral act refers to a rule or standard especially of good behavior, it could also mean ethic, value, morals, etc.

Going, through my experience as a person, I discovered that being principled has helped me to tackle some situations I find myself in, though not Having certain principles presents our image or character traits to people to see what and who we truly are. 

In dealing with any situation, think about what principle to apply be it honesty, love, respect, politeness, kindness, discipline even sometimes anger can be a principle when it is applied correctly.

I'm not going to say much on this, I just want us to ponder over this topic during our quiet times, think of the principles u think u have, have you been applying them correctly? Think of how to use them in different situations and you will surely live a valued and respected life.

Never forget that BEING PRINCIPLED also means having GOOD BEHAVIOR  & MORALS

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