Behold The Freedom Light

By Falana Idowu Zion 11 months ago

Rescue those being led to death
Callback those staggering toward defeat
Waking them from their slumbering bed
Lead them away from the bridge ofpast
Weaving their future from the tangled past

Raise your indefatigable aim
Raise the indomitable flag
Against the countless problems of our time
Satisfy the insatiable heart
Ebullient like the incorrigible kite
Like the mule bringing ice to the sky.

Our cloud of fears have cleared
The river of thoughts have gone
The Curtain of last farewell have been drawn
The glaring glory have shone
Like the crystal-cleared water glistening the sun

Behold the freedom Light
Shining on the beautiful sky
Reflecting our Zealous might
Dancing to the tree's blissful clap
Weaving our future from our past.........

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Falana Idowu Zion
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