Behind The Smile

By Precious Diedemise 17 months ago

Behind every smile you see,

Is a tear shed,

and a silent prayer said.


Ain't got the perfect life,

I face stress,

and pass thru challenges too.


Though one passes,

another comes,

cos the struggles gat no end. 


All I gat is breath and hope,

cos am alive,

am consoled, it will 'get better'.


The smile ain't born out of perfection, 

neither out of fulfillment,

but the existence of live depicts hope.


My smile reminds me of my face muscles,

my teeth, lips and gums,

these things, some do not have.


My smile reminds me to be grateful, 

for the hurdles I crossed,

some lacked the fortitude to carry on.


My smile reminds me of my privilege,

These same challenges, 

Many do not have the tendency to face.


So even in my grief and pains,

All I do is smile,

My consolation is; 'It can only get better'.

#Smile #Poetry #Inspire #PreshLife 

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