Behind The Blue Curtains

By Antipah Wamalwa Eugene 18 months ago

You opened the door
And love escaped without trace
Now I am overflowed with years
But my soul as young as yesterday
Still dances to the beats of your heart.

The flowers we planted fades with the moon
My days full of gloom
I sit at my window
And dream your mind
I convers with my shadow
The pain of parting

It's blind as the dark
But shines within more as the sun during the day
I sleep alone
In a room which is pitch dark
Alone-with the bitter sweet memories

Of another hero fallen
Trying to conquer what he didn't know
Here a knight is born
With the courage go steal the show
Behind the curtains, on the pantomime, 
Oh such a mindless crime
Doesn't anybody want to take love anymore?



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