Before You Leave... Live.

By Oko Agi Nuel 16 months ago



You don't know how important a second is until your nose rise against the very air that is sustaining you. Then you would beg that your nose and the air be friends again, but the more you try to bring them closer; the further they leave each other. At this point you would regret the time you spent hating on people, you would regret the love that died inside you because you refused to plant it on the land that brought it to life.


You would hate yourself for the things you refused to do because of the fear of what people may say. Again the memory of that person you refused to help would hit you. You would wish you tried a little harder towards lighting up your dreams, this time, the compliments you once received about your perfect physiques wouldn't matter to you anymore.


When this very moment comes, your family is all that you would think of, you would hate yourself for all the time you refused to talk to them because of a misunderstanding. If a mirror is brought to you, you would become a total stranger to yourself, for this time you won't be looking at your face but your soul, you would be able to see your soul -how dark you've painted it and how unhealthy it now looks. You would be lost in awe then you would scream in a melancholic way "Lord! Can this dark soul ever find light?"


When you start hearing the knocking sounds of death at your door, this is when you would regret every single moment you wished for its coming. Like my grandfather you would ask God for a little time to right your wrongs, a time to heal the world, a time to love more, a time to forgive, a time to truly live but He would be listening to the chantings of the angels and won't hear your croaky voice.


At this point you would realize that you haven't really lived, you only existed. Here, you would value the gift of being alive...please don't die like my grandfather.

You have the chance he begged for, live your life, God won't be listening to you when death comes knocking.


© Agi Nuel Oyi

-before you leave... Live.

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Oko Agi Nuel
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