Because I Am A WOMAN

By Abbas Rhamotallahi 9 months ago

Because I am a woman.

I won't claim to be a man.

I am weak and I won't claim to be strong.

I am so weak that I smile through pain.

I glow when hurt.

I am broken but I rise yet again!

That is it!

Am a woman.

Though I appears unnoticed but my presence dominates!

Of course I am delicate and so soft

Because my strength lies in my weakness.

I am a she-role and am never gonna be a he-role.

I do break down!

Most times in tears and sometimes in bed.

I do not seek to rule the world.

All I seek is to rule my world.

Am a woman before anything.

My silence is my weapon.

I do not fight with sword,

But I win with words.

I do not speak to be heard.

But I work to lead.

Because am a woman

I won't let my boundaries be set for me.

I will rather set mine. Though I won't go beyond my capabilities.

I won't sit to be told my place is home.

I will rather work my success from home and succeed beyond!

I won't wait to be tell my roles!

I will work to me make a role!

I won't stay in front of men and lead them around.

I will lead right from my angle and lead beyond.

I will do my best and try the rest.

Yet, I won't loose my delicacy as a WOMAN.

I won't let my softness slide!

I will cherish and adore my weakness!

My compassion will always be part of me.

I will love the world and cherish my words.

I will even celebrate my breakdown.

But I will never loose my WOMANHOOD!

©Abbas Rhamotallahi Ejide

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