Be Strong

By Juliet N. 19 months ago

It looks so bad. 

It sounds so painful. 



The word sounds short, but difficult to put in action. 

Yes, I may not understand how you feel. 

Yes, they hurt you so bad, the situation looks beyond repair, but trust me it can be corrected, it can be changed, it can be amended. 

You were abandoned, BeStrong

You were heart broken, BeStrong

No matter the situation, BeStrong

If you are not strong you can't stand the situation. 



No matter how strong you are, if you are not Smart enough to handle the situation, then you will be causing more damage. 

Many times Smartness is not found in the system of schooling, Smartness is found in Education. SelfEducation.



Don't be to fast to act, don't be too fast to give up. Be patient, understand the situation, observe the situation, be patient to create great strategies. 



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Juliet N.
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