Be Guided By Your Suffering

By Sunny Godswill 10 months ago

Sometimes wealth makes us forget our root ,a successful man has a story to tell but no he forgets that story because wealth has come .its surprising how no man can tell his suffering when riches starts knocking on his door.He loses his suffering experience and can't recall them again ,he let's his wealth fill his memory forgetting that every success comes with experience hidden in different bags of suffering and hard work,immediately something happens and he falls again  behold his past is revisited and memories brought back .lamentations ,pains and regrets becomes his food .

To avoid this always allow the memories of your suffering guide you in life .Never forget how hard you toiled for that success because if you do .you will end up truncating it and starting life afresh .your suffering memories should guide you and make you wise never throw it away

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Sunny Godswill
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