Bathroom Fantasies

By Jason Joshua chigozie 12 months ago

My world of imaginary reality…..

Where I see my dreams come through….

I'd see myself as a musician

I'll sing unending albums.

With water dripping from the showers

I'd be lost in thoughts

Thinking about recent events in my life

How far and how well I've gone.

I'd look at the mirror imaging a converse with bae

Practicing a perfect smile

Try fitting in like a model

Wonderful poses I'd use for a photoshoot.

I'll try clearing acnes from my face

Checking how broad my shoulders are

Or if my beards are growing…

Are my abs showing?

Try making my hair soapy

As a young girl on relaxers

Shaking my body

Practicing all kinds of dance moves.

When I can't dance in reality

I smile wryly

Got weird poses  

And a horrible voice.

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