Baker Street

By Jesse Obetta 16 months ago

EASTERN HILLS By Maurice Obetta BAKER STREET I walk in the silent street, My spirit's engulfed in the Darkness of the night. Half of mind goes North, The other half goes South. I dream daring dreams about The future. It has caused my eyes to ashen. The present reality, am blinded By. Fade, the dreams begins to. As I walk in the silent street, My mind has lost its mentality. Into bleakness, my life has descended. The shadows of the midnight street Have made me to lose my sight And I wonder if the faith of My heart will bring light. I walk in the shadowy Baker Street The cicadas buzzing bitterly In the phlegmatic street. It has triggered me to cheat myself From making personal choices. In despair, I cry silently like a graveyard. Fear, I ruminate, has swept my Sense of direction. And just then, I see a distant Street lamp Lit up the solemn Baker Street That provided me with a sense of protection It provided for me strength for my body to move with affection. Toward the mysterious Baker Street. METAMORPHOSIS Right from the word go, I wanted you to be mine. My failed, old relationships, Is all water under the bridge. Wipe the slate clean, am ready to. And commence a new relationship With thou. To my way of rumination, Thou art the most beautiful creature That I will gaze for keeps And thou weaved your magic over me. As week by week passeth, The love that I have for thou Waxes constantly like the sun. Well and truly, the world around me Has wholly metamorphosed And thou were the cause of it. Extant no longer is my life. Thou are already the one that I want, I told myself when I meet you for The first time. Shoot a whammy, am ready to On that shrimp that wants to murder Or drag you away from me. The excruciation, I know that I had in the past Have faded into the woodwink Like the wind And that the sudden love I have For you will come in place Because that wind of change That I desired for a long time Have eventually occured around Me eversince you came into my World. I Will Never Halt From Loving Thou From the moment I first Glanced at thou at the emporium The other morning, The world around me transmorgrified Sought I have to find you All day and all night For after espying thee Thou art in no uncertain terms The uncrowned queen of my life Because I have erred all by myself like a cloud. And have not meet a beauteous being like thee. Because to me, you are not out-of-line. The first order of all the skirts that I have espied. And I have taken the soft option By following thou. I beheld thou in my illusion On the wing high in the sky Like a bird with you And I entreat you to welcome Me with open arms. For am ready to throw all and sundry and the whole lot overboard that will act as a barricade in our world. For you are the only one that knows the way to my core. And am willing to be with thee in All weathers. We can expend our days in the Garden, Sail around the whole world over, On the seashores And sing songs of yesteryears Because you will invariably be with me. For not the gates of Helluva Can drag thee away from me. Red Rain In every nook and cranny, All day and all night, I espy red rain in the sky. Red rain of perplexity--- dropping From the sky. Red rain speaks of doom, of Infinitesimal penury and misery Of stupendous excruciation and disillusionment Which will vanquish the earth by And by. For loosened upon the earth is Anarchy. Innocence, honesty will go extant. Deception, corruption, melancholy will tremendously wax. Joy will be drowned and forgotten And bleak is the future of the world. Nation will be at brawl with nation Doves will be in discord with Their fellow doves. The best has conviction no more. And glancing at the farthest side Of the world I gaze the hair of a man-beast Roaring ear-splitting and Bragging That fiqure--- vicious as the Summer's sun And the hour has finally cometh For the man-beast arrival That rough, ferocious, apologetic Bizarre, crestfallen, atrocious Nightmare Methinks that the end of the World has cometh eventually. Departed For yesterday, I espied your Visage. For yesterday, I heard your Succulent voice debating About issues of the world. For yesterday, I glanced you Walk. But today, I beheld you no More. I sat my nuts because thou Art no longer with me. Am frightened witless and Have thrown a wobbly. Woe is me! And it is a wonder that you Are no more. The crestfallen news about Your demise is at work now. You were all the world to One and all before you went Away to dance with your Progenitors. All the world and his wife Have not slept a wink Because we always ponder About thee. For thou worth your weight In gold. Eventually, death laid his icy Hands on thou. Paying our irrevocable Tribute and honouring the Obesquies A true man of so much Valour, we say We bid thou shalom! For Thou art above us--- watchin From There. The Village On a lonely place, when I Sit down To all intents and purposes, I pondered momentously of A place that I'll always Reminscence Unto myself, I said My village, it is As a matter of fact, the Merely adorable place I Know of. That abode that has raised Affluent, illustrious individuals. A place that I'll go with full fervour. Enjoying life without the apprehensions about the future. With the pristine rivers flowing, people talking, making the place come alive. How can I cope without you, My village? Oh! Am crestfallen not if not That I live in the city Missing its phlegmatic surrounding. My village, if I forget thee May right hand wither. Oh! To stay what a place. An angel's my village An extension of heavenly beauty. THOU I've head-over-heels, fallen for the person. And zilch thrills me anymore eversince I've fallen for thee. Shining bright like the moon, bright like a diamond. So luscious are your red lips. Enticed me you've As a mare entices the stallions of Pharoah's chariots. And falling along your neck like jewels, is your raunchy hair. Honey of my mouth, thou art. The breath of my life. Growing fonder is m... read more

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