Baba Ijebu The Pocket Drier.

By Onyekwelu Ebederobinson 8 months ago

the baba ijebu lotto,is nothing but pocket drier  for the poor nigerians who use it daily to win big.they spend huge sums plying this lotto daily only to win little or nothing.always these players of the lotto always lose one  number or the other example,3 5 7 8 9,while their hard earned money is gone to make baba ijebu richer.innocent poor nigerians spend billions weekly or monthly to play this lotto and this huge sums would have been wisely invested to better the lots of these nigerians.


it  is based on how the average ola,emeka or sule wakes up and only to be fleeced by baba ijebus lying lotto machines.seee you next month.

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