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It was the last day of the session at Golden sprite academy.

Headmaster: Today marks the end of this session, to the forerunners we have called forth and awarded as required, the rest of you should match to your various classes for your assessment card.

Class teacher: John Grail!

John: Walked forward, collected his card, retired to his seat, checked it and closed it in a hurry(a slight movement of his head from middle to left and then to right could be noticed).


(On his way home the following was experienced).

Amaka:Have you heard?

Bose: About?

Amaka: That John of a boy that just passed by.

Bose: What happened to him.

Amaka: hmmmm, The boys head is just empty, in short school is not for his type.

Bose: why are you saying such of him?.

Amaka: What else will you have me say oooooo, when even after they paid for him to attend the school's extra classes he still failed, he is repeating basic 3 for the third time.

Bose: You must be joking, can somebody be that dumb?, basic 3 for good 3 years, indeed school is not for his type.

John's Dad: I hope its not same old story this time again , cus if it is then be sure this is the end of your schooling career.

John:Presented his card with head downward.

John's Dad: kpa kpo kpa kpa kpa kpo(sounds of slaps and blows)

John's mum: please it's OK, don't kill my son for me.

John: Managed to escape to his room where he could cry in peace and wonder " why is this happening to me?".

John's Dad: No way I am wasting money on that block head again, all he knows is how to play, just look for a trade for him ,"may God let him be able to learn that one ".

But John was only suffering from DYSLEXIA, can't the teacher see that he performed well in other aspects ? 

Didn't she notice that his mistakes followed similar pattern?

How will she have known?

No one ever mentioned about DYSLEXIA to her, she is just a microbiology graduate who couldn't secure a job in her field of study.

If only someone understands John,

If only he can get the proper brain training needed .

But painfully, we are in a country where approximately no one cares about mental illnesses.






Let's synchronize the above story with the image.

I see this challenge as a question, as that is what each image comes with, whatever we scribble is our response to the question "WHAT DO YOU SEE?".


Let me tell you what the society wants you to see using the above story's characters.


The society wants you to see John's Dad as that caring father who realizes that education is the best legacy he can offer John if John must succeed in life, he is handing over John to his teacher who will shape him to what the society wants(a planned shape) as others(fellow students).


But since I was also asked, I will tell you what I see.


I see John's Father, who due to the popular flowchart:


"Birth-----school----good job-----success-----fulfilled life."

that the society made available to him is taking John to a school with his numerous gifts for them to be reduced to one, he wants him to attain the same shape as others.


I see his teacher shedding off his wonderful fruits and leaves so as to shape him to the society's standard, though she was unable to attain this shape.


I see John not being able to attain the same shape as others due to some slight difference in his wood type(he is a fruit bearing tree)


I see John as the victim, I see John being deprived of living, I see John's father mistaken Schooling for Education.


Now to you, what do you see?

Can you see those leaves that seem insignificant?

Can you see that the axe is only built to carve woods and cares less about leaves or fruits?.


I will leave you with the words of Suli Breaks:

"If there was a family tree, hard work and education will be related but school will probably be a distant Cousin"__Suli Breaks.


Writer Abu_Julaybeeb Oduwaiye O.A

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