By Ayei Ibiang 6 months ago

Like a mosquito larvae trapped in a dirty puddle, 

He struggled everyday in a bit to break free from Soundcity's obscenities, although he loved the trap. 

And as a matter of fact, 

He was wrapped in its web - sight, was gone, 

Blind he roamed, 

Owing to the rap crack influenced  rappers performed. 

So in there, he drowned 

In depth in death, 

With the sound waves rippling over his head and down to his ears like a headphone, or rather, a headset ;

Setting him perfectly to fit into the mould of a death set by the vulnerability of a dumb mindset. 

Now said, 

Let's move on to the word called sex. 


A world upset;

Upsetting the truth about the living God's idea of true worship. 

Skimpy clad ladies, 

A whole too familiar scene for a lad slightly above babies 

So lately, 

He prowls around the TV, 

Waiting to pounce on the switch just to view his teacher teach him a little something, 

All against what the preacher preached, as though he was hypnotized by the spell of a powerful witch. 


Bred in Soundcity, 

Yet no bread in Sound's city 

They all lied to us with unsound lines, 

Telling us "they got the juice, and they got the sauce" 

So now, 

Why see what Ycee claims to be the truth, 

And follow the false things that Falz teaches the youths!?


Don't get it twisted, 

For I'm not here to make you hear condemnations, criticisms and rebukes, 

But to make you fear the Lord who has been sounding warnings in the city by the voice of his call, 

And believe me that's the truth. 


So do not be deceived that there is bread in Soundcity, 

And get unequally yoked like eggs in this city 

Instead be the salt and the best in this city 

And serve them the real juice from the right source 

- the Good news to be eaten by the hearts of man through songs, 

Just like Aï call it good news when I hear momma say:

"I'm making boiled yam with sauce". 


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