By Wisdom Ahamefula 14 months ago

There are blacks and there were blacks

Blacks who out of spite go for colours

And blacks who keep what is theirs

It all boils down to the knowledge gotten 

And how cherishing they find their roots 


Being of this race isn't child's play

From the womb, the struggle already kicked

Maternities and the planted cultural home birth 

The Disvirgined air we breath in oft

And the poor care given to our heavy women


Immediately one is dropped in our world 

We start making decisions that aids survival 

Without cries, our mothers blatantly forget us

They drown helplessly in the pool of their tears

Cause nature placed on them manly roles


Cries seems to be our intercessor 

We cry to be put in and out of bed 

We also cry for our thoughts to be known

Unlike children of the coloured world,

We are pruned to blend with uncomfortable fettles


As growth comes, it's a phase we'd love to reject

But it just seems and is inevitable 

Adaptive measure are adopted to comply 

We get sacrificial even in our ignorance 

And since it's nature, we play along in time


Few of the sacrificial deeds we carryout are; 

Minimising our stomach capability for the better 

Not getting the best of education since its affordable 

Indulging in the used clothing cycle

All these are and numerous others


Giving up much to get little is habitual

But there's more to blacks than can be mentioned 

From discrimination to Abuse of sorts

In all, our pigment succumbs not to bribe 

Cause even in the believed superior sphere, we speak


Blacks; ignorant indigenes of assumed misfortune

We've proven that wrong by our works 

We justify our melanin not as suffering 

But as strength and unlimited prowess

This melanin of ours depicts our heritage 


Blacks go through the worst but are the best

You find peaceful coexistence despite disparity

We keep writing and amending history 

And we get more entertaining than Nannas 

Just as we work tirelessly towards goals



Best Lifestyle A Creature Knows

Brilliant Luminant Aesthetic Cognizant Kings

Despite the thorns time throws turbulently 

There's an ever standing tall People. 

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