By Basit AJIBADE 2 weeks ago

Times are bad, we all know that. Life truly has ways of pushing us around, making us feel sorry we had to go through all that.

Need you to know, please, you're not in that realm alone. 78% of the world's population wake up daily to see the list of their problems glaring daringly at their faces. Don't think to the extreme, the remaining percentage are majorly kids and toddlers with no worries.

Few years ago, I was serving my jail term in the prison of JAMB and a University (name withheld), we had that Blood Pressure measurement kit at home, I managed to check my BP and recheck after two weeks, need me to tell you the results? It didn't change much. 

Actually, I was apprehensive, that's normal, thinking of the money, time and stress. I only discovered that "if you lose yourself before failure or success comes, you won't have enough tears left either for the failure or success".

I don't like to sound like a preacher at all but dear reader, I love you for your failures and successes, so don't die before failing or succeeding.


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