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Immediately mum saw me she ran towards us and gave me a hug, I was not In the mood for any emotions now and I've already been traumatized by the previous act I had promised Miss Lizzy that I wasn't going to cry anymore or let the incident disturb me, in fact, I was going back to school and I had also promised her what happened was going to be a secret between she and my family only, no other party.

Mrs. Dom: Baby thank God you are here. Where have you been? We were... I mean I was very worried about you.

Miss Lizzy: It's ok ma. Hi, I am Lizzy by name. Belinda's teacher in school. She called me that she needed some special company since she was unhappy. 

Mrs. Dom: Thank you so much. At least she was in safe hands. I was so worried. 

Miss Lizzy: It's ok she's just like my kid sister. Mr. Dom, I don't mean to interfere in your family affairs (walked up to him) but what you did was abominable and according to the law you need to be punished for that. But you need to return all thanks to your daughter because she has a very good heart. She says she wants the matter to die within the family instead of involving the police. You really need to thank her for that. Ma, (to mum) please you really have to be extra vigilant about your daughter now. She needs extra care and attention and of course protection from danger because I think the previous protection wasn't good enough for her. 

When Miss Lizzy said that, I cast my look on dad, he put his face down feeling shameful. I was proud of Miss Lizzy, she really attacked dad and made him feel humiliated. Yes, he deserved it.

Mrs. Dom: Thank you so much, Miss Lizzy, I really appreciate it. I am happy my daughter could confide in you. I am grateful. And for the protection, I'll do just that.

Miss Lizzy: Alright I'll take my leave now. I have some school work to do for tomorrow. Goodnight.

Miss Lizzy was just about leaving when the door opened and what greeted my eyes was surprising to everyone except for mum and Miss Lizzy who just left immediately the door opened. It was granny, my dad's mum. What's granny doing here? At this time of the night? 

Granny: (Shouting) where is he? Where is the beast if a man that calls himself my son? Dominic, how could you?

Mr. Dom: Mum what are you doing here? We weren't expecting you.

Granny: Shut up! Shameless fool. I took the available night bus to Lagos when Helena here called me and told me what you did to your own daughter. But how could you do such a thing to this little innocent girl? Oh, my child (she came closer to me and gave me a hug, weeping on me. I was so moved to cry alongside her but I had already made up my mind not to cry anymore) my baby girl. Such a poor innocent child. I am so sorry about what happened, I am sorry your father could be such a beast. 

She was still talking when the door opened again, this time it was Dave and Justin. What a surprise! Has mum told them as well? I was glad to see them and I ran towards them, this time I was moved to cry cause Dave was already in tears when he saw me.

Mr. Dom: Now what is going on here? Helena, what is the meaning of all these?

Mrs. Dom: Oh please! All your family needed to know what you have done. I wish I could contact your ancestors too. I am very sure they've seen this and they are so disappointed in you. You should be thankful I didn't call the police.

Dave: Father why!? (shouting) Why did it have to be Belinda? What did she ever do to you? Wasn't it enough that you were having an affair with your own maid? (he said pointing at Kehinde who was still there. So he knew too? So I wasn't the only one who knew this? I can't believe this is happening)

Mr. Dom: Dave don't talk to me like that! I am your father and are you not supposed to be in school? 

Dave: No. You seized to be my father the minute I heard what you did to my sister. How could you?

Mrs. Dom: So Dom, you've been sleeping with this thing (pointing at Kehinde who was already crying and begging). Kehinde, of all the people in the world, it's me you chose to betray and stab at the back eh? So you've been sharing my matrimonial bed. You know what? Go in there and pack all your belongings because you're leaving this house this moment. 

Mr. Dom: She is going no where.

Granny: Oh shut up! Just shut up before you let me kill you with my hands. I regret the day I gave birth to a beast like you. And you (to Kehinde) you heard her. Go in and pack your things you are leaving this minute. 

Kehinde left immediately still weeping. Thank God she's leaving. 

Justin: I am so disappointed in you Mr Dom. And I so much hate you

Mr. Dom: Don't you all forget I am still your father and the head of this family. Nobody, I repeat nobody should point fingers at me again. I haven't committed the worst sin on earth. And this matter is ending here anyone who talks about this again will have to deal with me. (He said as he left us and went upstairs) 

Mum and granny kept throwing words at him as he was going and mum went after him. Justin took me and we all faded to the stairs.

Its a month after the incident that occurred. Everyone has moved on but not everyone. I have refused to be close to dad as I used to. I now fear him more than the devil himself. Dave and Justin can't even look him in the eye. Dad feels so lonely mum has even refused to let him touch her at night I heard him tell his friend on the phone that his wife has refused to let him have sex with her for a month now and he feels sex-starved and he can't take it anymore. Yes, he deserves it. I would've done the same too if I was in mum's shoes.  But I've started feeling unwell and very different I've never felt this way like this before. 

Dave: So tell me little sister, will you like to join us at Oxford? Dave has always been my favorite gist partner, he isn't boring at all. He's the best big brother ever and I love him. To me, he's my dad now.

Belinda: I don't think so

Dave: You mean you don't want to join us there?

Belinda: Hm hm

Dave: Come on tell me why? 

Belinda: Oxford is in London. I don't want to be in London. I want to study in India because I want to be the best Doctor in Nigeria. 

Dave: (clapping and laughing) Brilliant! I pray you... Dave was still talking when I suddenly felt nauseous and I ran to the toilet to throw up. I knew it that I am so unwell that's why I just threw up. I hate being sick and our exams will start soon and I can't write the exams with some sort of fever. After throwing up I washed my face, I looked at my face at the mirror, I had grown pale and sick. No way I am telling mum about this. I went back to Dave who was still seated.

Dave: Belinda, what was that? Are you ok? 

Belinda: I am not sure. I've been feeling so unwell and so uncomfortable. 

Dave: For how long now?

Belinda: A week or so

Dave: We need to see the doctor. The door opened and mum came in.

Mrs. Dom: What's going on here?

Dave: Mum I think Belinda is sick she just... (just then I ran in again to throw up yet another time. This is serious and getting out of hand. I washed my face again and went back to them.

Mrs. Dom: (felt my temperature) Belinda you're hot. When did this start?

Belinda: A week or thereabout.

Mrs. Dom: No it can't be. Dave get me the car key, we are going to the clinic now.

Dave came out with Mum's car key, he drove us to the same hospital I was when dad... The doctor ran a few tests on me and asked us to Wait for her for the result. What's wrong with me? I don't know God please I don't want to be sick. We were seated on a chair I leaned on mum's shoulder. Just then the doctor came in.

Doctor: You can all come into my office now. 

We followed her behind to her office and we then sat down on the chairs.

Doctor: I am very much aware of the incident that occurred last month to your daughter. It was indeed a very sad incident but I am sorry your daughter here is a month pregnant.

Pregnant? We all chorused. No way! It can't be happening. I am pregnant? For my father? No no no no. This can't be happening to me. Just then I slumped. On waking up I was on the hospital bed. Mum and Dave were both beside me. Mum was in tears and when I was awake she came closer to me and held my hands.

Belinda: Mum, tell me the doctor was mistaken. Tell me I am not pregnant. Tell me it was a joke.

Mrs. Dom: (Crying ) honey I am so sorry. I am so so sorry but it's true. Mum's weeping made me cry even more and for the first time I saw Dave in tears and he wore a very angry face even while in tears

Dave: I promise, I am going to kill that man. I'll kill him with my hands for doing this to my only sister. How could he

Mrs. Dom: Dave, don't say that. It has already happened and right now we don't want to throw more words on him. It won't change anything. Right now we need to think of how to help your sister. Belinda calm down. Put yourself together. You'll be fine okay? Don't worry about anything mum is here for you ok. 

Now my pains and sorrows have just begun. I am no more Belinda the charming little princess. I am no more Belinda the pride of the Doms. I am now Belinda the beautiful but unlucky girl. I am now Belinda the pregnant girl. Why me? Why does it have to be me? Why has my dream just shatter just at the peak of making it come true? Why now that my final exams is in the corner? Now I hate my monstrous father even more. But I Belinda will not keep this baby. What would he be? My son or my brother? Never. I'll never be a laughing stock to everyone who knew me to be an innocent girl.

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