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Mum came to pick me up from school but she came late, I was the only student left in the school compound. At the gate, I found a large stone and sat on it. I felt very bad like a kid, what was I waiting for anyway? The school bus? Or my personal driver? How can I at my age wait for either mum or dad to pick me up from school when I can walk to and fro alone. This wants to make me say I hate my dad because he's the brain behind all this. It was already a few minutes to 5 when mum's Mercedes Benz C-Class drove in and stopped. She beeped the car horn but I refused to get up and meet her, I just sat there as I was not the one she came for. When she saw I wasn't making any move to move from where I was, she came down from the car and walked up to me, cat walking like a model but I wasn't fascinated at all.


Mrs. Dom: Honey am so so sorry, traffic delayed. Sorry am late. You should come let's go, its getting late.

Belinda: (When she turned to leave I spoke) when will all these end?

Mrs. Dom: Pardon!

Belinda: You heard me. Mum can you see what you guys are doing to me? (I stood up and spoke to her angrily) why must I be treated like a slave. Why can't I have my own freedom? I'm very different from all my friends in school. Why must I always wait for either you or dad to drive me around when I can equally do that myself. Can't you guys see that I've grown up? For crying out loud I'm not a child but why treat me like one? Mum, you have no idea what you're doing to me. (I left to the car amidst tears even when she opened her mouth to say something, I just walked out on her. She waited for a few seconds before joining me. in the car. On reaching home I rushed out of the car and ran towards the door, she called at me but I didn't answer her, I just ran inside the living room, climbed the stairs as fast as I could and made way to my bedroom. I couldn't help it. I just jumped into my bed and started crying. I heard a knock on the door, when I opened, of course, it was mum. I didn't want to talk to anyone.) Go away, Mum. I want to be left alone for now.

Mrs. Dom: Baby, believe me I understand how you feel but trust me, I am sure your dad doesn't mean any harm. He just wants the best for you.

Belinda: And you think this is best for me? No mum! I'm sick, sick, sick, sick of being overprotected. It's as if I'm under some sort of house arrest. I'm not allowed to go out alone, I'm not allowed to visit friends, friends are not allowed to visit me. You think that's what I want? Why can't I be treated like other teenage girls?

Mrs Dom: Belinda I...

Belinda: (interrupting) No mum, that'll be all for now, you can go I want to be left alone. (I said as I stood up and went into the bathroom. I just sat on the toilet seat and sobbed. I pray all these come to an end, I couldn't wait to be out of school so I can further my education outside this country and have all the freedom I need and as for dad, I'm not talking to him. I took off my school uniform, washed up myself and went back into the room and I went back to bed to sleep just to see if I can get rid of these thoughts in my head.

I didn't know how long I slept until I checked my time and realized it was 7:43 pm) WTF! (I exclaimed, so no one cared if I had lunch or dinner. Anyway, I don't care. Not as if am hungry or I want to eat their food. I was about going back to bed when I heard a knock on the door) Not again. (It was Kehinde, our Yoruba maid, at least it wasn't dad cause he's the last person I want to see now.)

Kehinde: Belinda, dinner is ready, mum and dad asked me to invite you to the dinning.

Belinda: Tell them I am not hungry. (I said frowning at her.)

Kehinde: Alright. (She said and left. I hate Kehinde, I hate her so much. She's 23, she's never been to a good school, she only completed junior secondary school. I wonder if there's any future for her at all. She came to our family when she was 13. Moreover, she's local and bushy if not for mum who has been doing a great job on her trying to brush her up and make her look presentable. I hate Kehinda cause I feel she has something to do with dad, something very secretive and dirty. I caught her once in my dad's room giving him a massage one rainy afternoon. Mum was at work and it was just us three, I didn't go to school that day because I felt sick that morning. He said it was just an Innocent massage, so of all the massage therapists in Lagos, its Kehinde of all people my dad chose to massage his back. I despised her so much. Dad came into my room without knocking and I wasn't pleased at that. 

Belinda: You forgot to knock again, father.

Mr. Dom: I am sorry about that. Why ain't you joining us for dinner?

Belinda: I thought you received my message. Am not hungry.

Mr. Dom: (sat at the edge of the bed) Your mum has told me how unhappy you've been since you came back from school. I am sorry if you're feeling bad about the way I'm protecting you. I don't mean to hurt you or make you feel bad.  You are my only daughter Belinda and it is my duty to protect you from danger. Please, Belinda, don't get me wrong. I love you so much, we all do, that's why I'm doing this. 

Belinda: Just one chance dad, that's all I ask from you. I wont misbehave I promise. Just a little experience about life outside this mansion. Why treat me like Rapunzel, the princess In the tower. Dad am dying of boredom here. 

Mr. Dom: Sorry Belinda it can't work your way. I'm your father and trust me when I say it but it is not good for you. Since you do not want to eat with us I'll ask Kehinde to bring you dinner here. Please try and eat Something and forget about this. Goodnight love.

Belinda: That's all you can say right? It's okay I know you don't care, you just don't care at all because of your money. I know, you simply don't want to spend your money on a so-called ransom cause you feel I'll be kidnapped. Goodnight. (I said as I turned and face the wall. He left the room without a word and I couldn't hold back the tears.) Why, why me? I have everything I need in life but I'm not free. I feel like a bird in a cage. I wish I could just run away from this sick place.

It's Saturday morning. I feel brighter, the rest of the days at school didn't change anything because nothing changed at all. Everything was the same as always. I woke up, went straight to the bathroom and freshened up. When I came out of the bathroom my phone beeped it was an email from school. I opened it and read, I smiled. I went downstairs and found dad at the dining table, he was working on his laptop.

Belinda: Good morning dad.

Mr. Dom: Morning angel, how are you feeling?

Belinda: Great.

Mr Dom: That's my girl.

Belinda: Dad, please can I talk to you?

Mr Dom: Of course, what about?

Belinda: I received an email from school. Our final exams will commence in the next few months so our principal, Mr. Tolu Howard said it'll be a necessity for us to enroll in a after school extra moral lessons to help us prepare more for the exams so I just want want to let you know the lesson will commence next week and I'll be attending.

Mr. Dom: I received the same email too. And I've phoned your principal, Howard. You'll be receiving your own extra moral lessons here at home and I've made provisions for that. Principal Howard is okay with that. So don't worry, you'll be receiving the best tutorials here at home.

Belinda:(angrily) But why dad? Why doing this? Isn't it enough that you stop me from going to school on my own? Why also stop me from going for extra moral lessons in school? I'm very sure very soon you'll stop me from going to school so that you can monitor me very well. My Lovely father. (I said angrily and rushed upstairs. I met mum coming downstairs.)

Mrs. Dom: Belinda!

Belinda: Talk to your husband!

Mrs. Dom: Honey, don't you think this is so unfair to our daughter? You are not doing the right thing.

Mr. Dom: Are you going to tell me how to treat my own daughter? This is the best treatment for her so far. 

Mrs. Dom: Don't forget she's my daughter as well and you can't raise her all alone, we do it together. It's so unfair you'll end up making her develop some hatred for you (she said as she went back upstairs).

I went back to my room feeling very disappointed for once I thought things will change and the email gave me little hope that I'll be able to be free from my dad but I was wrong things where the same. I sat on my bed still deliberating on the issue. He said he loves me but he doesn't care. My phone rang, it was Gena. I know why she called. I am not sure I want to talk to that loquacious girl right now. It rang again, I'm sure she's up for some gossip but I'm still not answering the phone. Maybe later, it rang yet another time. Okay, she wont just give up, I have to pick and listen to what news she has for me right now.

Gena: Hi friend

Belinda: Hi Gena

Gena: No need to ask how're you doing. Cause I know the answer to that already. Have you received an email from school?

Belinda: Yes I have

Gena: Great! So, are you in for it? 

Belinda: What do you think?

Gena: Just tell me.

Belinda: I told my dad about it but it appeared he received it even before I did.

Gena: So what did he say?

Belinda: Hmm. My dear, same old order. He won't let me. He phoned Principal Howard immediately after receiving the email.

Gena: What did he tell him?

Belinda: He said he doesn't want me to participate in the lesson that he had already made provisions for me to receive a private lesson here in school from an expert tutor. Can you imagine that?

Gena: Its a lie!

Belinda: I am telling you.

Gena: Why's he doing this to you? See girl, this is getting out of hand. Wake up o. This is very unfair of him. Anyways I thought you'll be In for it. I and the other girls have plotted our fixtures for the lessons. It'll be massive fun. Try and talk to your dad, tell him you really need to attend the lesson so that you won't be left out of the fun. I thought I should let you know. Bye for now. I want to go shopping with our maid. See you tomorrow in church.

Belinda: Bye (phone drops) What! So Gena is planning a girls' day out with the other girls during the lesson period, oh I know this will be fun but what do I do now? I can't afford to miss this. This is my chance to have fun outside this cage. I need to think of a strategy very fast. I couldn't just afford to miss it. I took out my school bag searching for nothing then I stumbled on Miss Lizzy's complimentary card. Is this the right time to call her? I asked myself. No, I don't think so. I put back the card, I couldn't just say exactly what I was looking for, suddenly my phone rang again. This time, it was a strange number, not just a strange number but some sort of foreign number, I was so curious to know who had my number to call me on a Saturday so I answered the call. 

Dave: Hello Belinda its Dave.

Belinda: Oh my God! Dave! Dave is that you? Oh brother I missed you so much. It's been 6 months since I heard from you last. Why haven't you been replying my mails?

Dave: I am sorry little sister. So many things I couldn't call but I wanted hearing from you first before I call mum and dad. I missed you too. How're you doing?

Belinda: Not good at all big brother.

Dave: Dad's being overprotective I guess.

Belinda: Yeah.

Dave: I know don't worry I'll make sure you have exclusive fun when I get back. Guess what little sister?

Belinda: You're sending me the latest iPhone?

Dave: No, ok let me help you out there. I and Justin will be back in Nigeria in two weeks' time and we'll be staying for 2months before going back.

Belinda: Whattttt!!! (I said screaming). Are you serious? Oh I just can't wait to have you guys back home. Please come back home, I'm missing you both so badly.

Dave: Sure. Gotta go now. Will call you soon again. Study hard so you can join us here ok? Bye love

Belinda: Bye big brother. (phone dropped ) Now that's the best news I could ever receive now. (door opened, it's mum.) Hi mum.

Mrs. Dom: Heard you scream, are you fine?

Belinda: Yes mum, was just some girls talk with Gena.

Mrs Dom: Alright do well to come down for family time, ok?

Belinda: Ok mum I will (door closes)

Family time is what we have every Saturday morning. Watching some family series on tv. Its always very boring to me, I prefer watching them in my room than watching them with my parents because I have my own kind of movies.

Later that evening the worst happened to Me. It was the worst thing that could ever happen to anybody especially for a girl like me. That incident destroyed my entire life forever and it happened like a dream to me. Find this out in the next chapter. 


Dear readers I don't know what you think about my dad if he's a responsible father treating me the way he does but the rest  of my story will tell.

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