By KubionoMfonAbasi Okon 18 months ago

to believe means to accept what is or hope to be, or what people propagate to be true.
it sometimes take longer time than normal for one to believe especially in times of affliction.
this word "BELIEVE" is a small but mighty syndrome, it can make a weeker vesseel to be strong.
at times, during the process of believing, one may commit sin because of what is choose to be right or wrong.

the world is full of ups and down, which sometime warrant poeple to fall low of the word of God or their belief,
every now and then, negative words sweep poeple of their feet and make them agree to what they swear never to.

but have we stop to ask why this word BELIEVE always comes in the time of delima?
or when its seems all hope is lost, and we wont make it?.

Believe is the consolding and effective words in times of grief and obstacle.
it is a drive that moves God to satisfied our desires
It is also an action that elevate our faith.

sometimes the situations of things we regard to be bad in our sight is the most perfect course in heavenly class for promotion.
because HE wants HIS glory to manifest in our life, and draw us nearer to HIM.
so it is in our place to understands that, what is happing in our lifes today is for a while not permenent, and
in tomorrow it shall be well, our solace should be "IT IS WELL, EVERYTING WILL BE ALRIGHT, IT WILL WORK OUT."

A mother might forget her children but God dosen't forget his people.
matt.21:22 says, if you believe without doubt, you will recieve whatever you aks for in prayer.

Whatever the problem may be dont loose hope take it to the lord in prayers,
Heb12:1 reads, look up to your maker the auther and finisher of your fate.
Dont let the toiling of this life derail you from your stand,
dont settle your thought in IT WONT WORK OUT.  for it will when you believe, it might take long,
might even lock us in a darkess room. but surely it will work out, as we see GOD in everything it is possible.
have faith in GOD, HE holds the keys of our live and future.
HE will surely bless our living.
everything will take it normal shape, at it time, it will work out.
keep praying, keep striving,keep believing, dont rush.
for its not our might or power, but by HIS will.

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