By Okolo Chinua 9 months ago

Here I stand, as a sole representative of man, The one chosen to carry the torch, To make people understand the pain we too harbour, Here is my story,our story.

I,man am born responsibilty as I am the most seeked in every family, At birth I am told not to cry cos men don't cry,I am forced to walk when it is not yet time and scolded when I fail. Because I'm a man

Whether being last or first, I am told to take full responsibilty of the house, And take care of my siblings who happen to be women. I go out to farm at a young age, Matchete kissing the grass all day. I am not to get fatigued,I am told, Because I'm a man

In time of famine, I am left to starve, While women feast off our supposed fuel I should not feel hungry, am I not human like them? Because I'm a man

On moonlight plays, I am told not to lose my cool I must keep my sense alive even though the play is inviting and brain washing. Does one play with friends with his head intact? Do I have a reason not to enjoy? Because I'm a man

In the city, I'm not supposed to allow a woman take the first position in class 'I must be the first',I am told, Yet I have to offer my seat if a woman has none. Because I'm a man

When out on lunchbreaks, I'm supposed to put the woman first. I can't order anything until she's full,despite it being my money Because I'm a man

In wars and hard times, 'save the women and children' is heard, I have to die like a bull to the slaughter. Because I'm a man. In Titanic, I have to offer my boat to the woman, Don't I too deserve to be saved? Because I'm a man

In long queues, the 'ladies first' syndrome comes to play, 'Are you not a man?' I am asked if I complain So I don't deserve to be served first too? Because I'm a man

I lose my things and those near to me 'Take heart,you are a man' I am told, And scorned if tears attempt to leave my eyes, While the woman wails and cries like a baby, And she is consoled. Can't I also cry like a baby for once? Because I'm a man

Woman meets man, And a protruded belly is her result 'Can't you keep your man in check? 'I am asked And the woman is left alone I am seen as the predator. What am I to do if Wi-Fi chose to connect without permission, Yet I am blamed. Because I'm a man

I have to be employed and settled Immediately after school, I am not allowed to rest 'Only fools with no ambition rest' I am told, While the lady enjoys herself. Because I'm a man

Woman annoys man,man slaps woman, 'Can't you be sane for once?' The blame goes to me Whereas the woman is comforted despite her being wrong, I'm to take all insults without action,they expect, Don't they know I have a heart too? Because I'm a man. I break up with my personal person Who happens to be a woman due to her frivolities and wrong doings, Yet I am seen as the bad one and heart breaker. Because I'm a man

I lose my wife And I am told that all is well, I should feel no pain, While a widow is showered with gifts and love. Can't I afford to be pitied and my situation seen? Because I'm a man. I help my children in all, But the woman takes the glory And I am made the evil one Because I'm a man

At my death, I must leave a huge print in the sands of time to avoid being forgotten, Inspite of the difficulty of it. Because I'm a man

I stand at the precipice 
My voice trailing out to all, Hoping I shall be heard 
Here I stand, As sole representative of man, 
The one chosen to carry the torch,
To make you understand the pain we too harbour,
This is my story,our story.

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