Aunty Amara

By Lawrence Ruth 13 months ago


       Chapter Five

       Aunty Amara In Uni.

On a hot Saturday afternoon, I arrived school tired and tasty. I went straight to my lodge, despite the fact I cleaned my room before leaving school, it was still dusty, this could have been as a result of the hammatern season. With a sigh, I picked up a broom, I swept and mopped the room. Before the night fell, I was done cleaning the room. I was so hungry but I couldn’t eat in a restaurant or fast food, I hated it. So immediately I  made some cornflakes for myself then slept off.

     The next day after a hectic lecture I got home early. We had practical which was so interesting despite the stress involve in it I loved the class mainly because I had the opportunity to do most of the experiment myself without any aid. After a hectic day, I got to my lodge weak and tired, too tired to go into the kitchen and prepare something for myself, Dave a course mate of mine had called just to let me know he’s coming over to eat, I had made it known to him that my pot was empty so he shouldn’t bother coming. I made some cornflakes for myself with lots of milk to aid me sleep, gradually I ate  my lunch then slept off after washing the dish.

     An hour later I heard a knock on my door. Wondering who it was I didn’t want to wake up so I ignored the call but the knock persist this  time it came harder, disturbing my sleep. I stood up from my bed upset with the intention of shouting at whoever the intruder was. But …. What a shock, I was so shock at least too shock to move my legs. I pinched myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming or still sleeping.

“ Dera my child” I heard the least worst voice I ever wanted to hear n the world.

“ What on Earth could she be doing here?, What brought her here? How did she ever get to know my lodge? Who gave her the direction to this place,?” those were some of the numerous question that ran through my mind while I stood staring at aunty  Amara.

“ what are you doing here” I asked her when I got my voice.

“Is that your good afternoon, well I came to see you, it’s a surprise visit right?” she replied with a smile but who was smiling with her. 

“ What! To see  me” I muttered in disbelieve

“ Yes off course, to see you Dera” she replied absent minded.

“ what for?!” I sputtered

“ To check on you, look after you and ….oh…to prepare your favorite meal, I came here with Achara” she gibbered.

“ What! Are you kidding me?” I found myself screaming I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“ Who do you want to look after? Do I look like a baby to you? For crying out loud am twenty going to twenty one this year, what were you thinking” I screamed.

“ I was thinking of you” she said calmly.

“ and who even told you I love Achara soup by the way” I sputered

“ don’t you love it?” aunty Amara asked

“ I don’t!... Please aunty Amara” I cried out “ you’re not supposed to be here, here’s school not home, this is University not secondary school, please you’re not welcome here, I can take care of myself, please you’re not welcome here” I told her firmly.

“ I know” she said “ I know am not welcome but I just missed you at home”  she muttered then made her way to my room. I was so mad and red with annoyance.

“ your room is so beautiful and neat, I trust you” she said while carelessly dropping her bags on the floor, she sat on my soft cozy bed and that got me more mad. I can’t believe I have to share this one bed I use alone including my toilet and bathroom with her. I thought of what to do but found no idea. I gave up the idea of getting rid of her and packed her bags in my wardrobe.

In the evening after taking my bath I expected aunty Amara to do same but she refused with the excuse that she’s tired I looked at her upset, she didn’t take her bath when she came giving me same excuse as she did now and now she still don’t  want to bath, what really is she thinking. One thing I know is that I  can’t sleep with her on that bed not with those sweat coming out of her dark ampit. I felt so helpless when she couldn’t still bath. At night after having her dinner, she said tomorrow she will have her bath.

I took one of my bed sheet and a blanket to sleep on the floor. Being a night reader I stayed awake so she could sleep then I can read but I was wrong, maybe I  was right that she will sleep but wrong that I will read while she sleeps because she snored so hard and loud that I could barely hear myself speaking. Tired and frustrated I logged into my socio media to chat but the number of texts, chats, notifications and status to check, read and reply made me logged out, I knew I  don’t have time for that now, not when I have a serious lecture tomorrow. I took ear piece to listen to one of my favorite blues “ fairytale” by Enya.

Early the next day I had my bath, and went out for lecture there’s one thing I didn’t forget to do “calling my parent” I called my parent and told them the little experience I had with aunty Amara last night and why she can’t stay with me in school. My parent promised to talk her to come home I got releived.

Later in the evening I got home to see aunty Amara had gone home. I was so happy while cleaning the room and my toilet when I stumbled across one  piece of  letter I guess aunty Amara wrote. It read

My dear Dera, I know  I piss you off a lot, I step on your toe and I  do other annoying things that can freak you out. You might think I hate you or am a pest but the truth is that I love you and am so fund of you because you’re my favorite…. I can still remember bathing you while you were still a kid, you were such a sweet angel, so white with pink lips. You would cry whenever your mum comes to pick you up from me. You loved my achara meal then you won’t leave if I don’t  tell you  one of those moon light stories my grand parents passed on to me.

My sweet Dera, I know and understand youre now a grown up but that shouldn’t make you despise the one you once love who brought you up and showed you some love. Maturity and adult hood doesn’t really mean, you’re above being cautioned, loved as a baby, corrected or talked to. If I don’t love you Dera I  won’t be disturbing you. Only those who love you disturb you. You’re still my little sweet Dera whom I once cuddled in my arms.

Bye, I left your room after your parent called that you need to focus. Please don’t disturb yourself with guilt and worries am not upset with you am as happy as evere. I love you my sweet Dera.

She ended the letter with how she so much loved me. By the end of the letter I was so speechless and sorry I treated her the way I did   she indeed deserve some love from me. She just one annoying and funny aunty that know. Aunty Amara.


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