As For This Pain

By Shegun Rex Omonla 15 months ago

As for this pain, the sting

Of scorpion on my chest

am thinking It’s the fire that forges

mortal to solid rock



I loathe that am a moon with

a sword in its chest_ But always I roam over

what my song would have become if you

hadn’t parted  The nub  of the cupid

And fed it knapsacks of takouba

If the track had all been

Rosy, wet honey combs

& bar of pelts

Would the world have gathered

Round my song;

Again, again & again

Because every verse

Is a crypt they step into & find dead bodies

The pong of rotten egg.

Perhaps we need sharp razor blades

to build mountains.

Perhaps we need thistles to go places.

Perhaps we need darkness to climb into light


I loathe that fire fell on the ocean

And leaked it to the bed

But if the sky had been without Orions

Would the earth have been able to

Tend the seed to mount Everest

if there wasn’t a sudden evaporation,

if you are here

if your departure didn’t pour me into the crater of grief

would I have become a name surrounded

because each letter is

a sepulcher , a palm bucketing lost

a wide road to ephemeral romance

& knowledge into acute angles



If I had been happy

Would I have known the reflection

Of sorrow

Would I have known

How to teach the man who

Was jilted the route into water

Into placidity


Am a jilted man

An abandoned country

These I calighraphed

On the edges of truth

But am feeling your departure

Is a miracle

That pitched me in the dark

And lighted

The cinders to the sun at the

Acme of its strength

Though I wish the love had


that we are fused


But it seems am a vestibule

Of bliss

The of crux of calm sea

Because, now I can teach

The man the way

to spot

The woman who will never stay

The nomad whose mission is to leave you


The ingrate whose


Is to suck you out, place

You in your arms and


I think am happy ,for

Your evaporation lowered

On my laps

The assess with which

To save

Many men

From shredding

As my heart


I loathe that we are not

In the ring of smile mummified

But I think am happy you


As for this pain, the sting

Of scorpion on my chest

Am thinking It’s the fire that forges

Mortal to solid rock



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