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  • "Why Do U Have To Delay It"!

    Adeyemo Eyitayo
    9 months ago
    Hey guys, I'm just going to shed light on a very delicate topic and also a problem that teenagers and youth do not bother about, which is affecting the development of our lives as well as the society ...
  • "Why"

    Samuel Anjolaoluwa
    Is it my fault that I'm a girl Is it wrong to be a girl child Why does everyone make female children feel like they are less important Why must there be preferential treatment Even parents treat m ...

    Archwealth gates
    14 months ago
    For anyone who have a dream or a goal of becoming a leader and a mentor to his her followers. here are 10 qualities to equip yourself with to help you on a life long journey of a leader. 1.RELIABIL ...
  • 17 Celebrities Bob Styles To Inspire Ladies’ Hairdo

    Adebimpe Owoseni (adebimpepenultimate)
    15 months ago
    17 Celebrities Bob Styles To Inspire Ladies’ Hairdo Long hair-styles have been en vogue for centuries and women who adopt them as their go-to everyday looks enjoy the attention they get from ...
  • 59! (Nothing To Show For)

    Jason Joshua chigozie
    6 months ago
    The best in Africa Devoid of crimes and troubles The giants on whose shoulders Africa rest on The pride of our continent. Rich in resources Good political activities Best citizens and leaders ...

    Barinedum Mbee
    3 weeks ago
    9 FACTSABOUT CHEATING. Cheating is one of the unacceptable norms crippling into the "societal marriage code of conduct" as a norm, hence acceptable way of behavior by the society. Male and female. Al ...

    Ogbole Agala
    5 months ago
    Sheepish followership is lavishly instrumental to the sustenance of irresponsible leadership. Judging from contemporary happenings in Nigeria, it easily discernable that when accountability is an o ...

    13 months ago
    When the news broke that Style icon, designer extraordinaire ,multi –hyphenated , black and white donning fashion designer had passed. The world did what it does in such moments – Mourn! A ...
  • A Call To A Life Of Integrity

    Odutayo Tolulope
    13 months ago
    I liken a life of Integrity to a life of holiness. It's a life that God has called us as the body of Christ to live. We have been called to the ministry of reconciliation and righteousness according t ...
  • A Journey Through Okey Nwachukwu's Talon Of The Python(1)

    Okechukwu Ukegbu
    12 months ago
    A journey through Okey Nwachuku's Talon of the Python (1) By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu Before now, even up to date in some African cultures, it is widely upheld that the dead have some strong l ...


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