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  • Christmas

    Olabisi Ayomide
    4 days ago
    Each and everyone of us are happy because it's Christmas. Most of us are happy about the MERRYbration of food not the CELEBRATION of Christ. Some are happy about the SIESTER this Christmas has brought ...

    Oduwaiye Opeyemi Abdul-Qadr
    5 days ago
    IN THE CHASE OF "EDUCATION". Goodday, To some, education its just GIGO(garbage in garbage out). They put in hard work they meet good grades as outcome. They put in little or no work and ar ...
  • Be Guided By Your Suffering

    Sunny Godswill
    5 days ago
    Sometimes wealth makes us forget our root ,a successful man has a story to tell but no he forgets that story because wealth has come .its surprising how no man can tell his suffering when riches start ...
  • Insure Your Farm Business To Avoid Failure

    Charles Osuigwe
    5 days ago
    Why You Must Insure Your Farm Business To Avoid Failure Table of Content Introduction: Dedication: Acknowledgement: Chapter 1: HOW TO INSURE YOUR AGRICULTURAL PROJECTS WITH NIGERIAN AG ...
  • Think Big

    Agboola Taiwo
    6 days ago
    Introduction There is nothing on earth that you cannot have once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it. —Robert Collier ■ THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU You are a thoroughly good per ...
  • How To Successfully Brood And Sell Your Turkey Poults

    Charles Osuigwe
    2 days ago
    How to Successfully Brood and Profitably Sell Your Turkey Poults Aka Secret Steps to Making Huge Profits Brooding Turkey Poults By Charles Osuigwe Introduction: What are turkey poults? Turkey p ...
  • How To Make Money Farming Catfish

    Charles Osuigwe
    6 days ago
    Catfish Production Making Money With Catfish Business Introduction Catfish production and how you can make money easily from catfish farming is the purpose of this book. Secrets of succes ...
  • It's A Trap!

    Maureen Ojobor
    2 weeks ago
    These tiny little creatures depicts the purest form of human existence with minds as plain as mirrors and conscience as stainless as steel. It is from this we bud into what we term "adulthood" a place ...
  • About Us:

    Michael Uzowuihe
    3 weeks ago
    There was need for transformation due to inventions and technology to keep the society ablaze and sustain with developments. Before development could occur there is need for enlightenment to education ...

    Ojogwu Chike
    3 weeks ago
    The journey of 1501 to 1833 can never be forgotten in Africa's history ,a journey of over 300 years, An epoch of brutality and inhumanity. Girls, boys, men and women thousands not even in tens. The ...


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