"Another Chapter"

By Jason Joshua chigozie 18 months ago

I pledge to Nigeria 

My loving country

To be faithful,loyal and honest

To serve with all my strength. 


Generations in existence pledged to this

We're still promising

The future generation gonna do same

Whereas old plight remains the same. 


Almost fifty nine(59) 

Nothing to show for

No employment opportunities 

We lack infrastructures and amenities 


I met a bright little girl 

She told me she wanna be a pilot

No funds to fulfill her dreams 

Things ain't going as she planned. 


Giants of Africa

Now turned cretins

Economic recession and insurgencies

Political crisis, we never prayed for this. 


Growing up we learnt to lead

And also how to follow

In patience determination and zeal

Hoping we'd be leaders of tomorrow. 


All we prayed for

All we hoped for

Yet it's still the same sad story



Our boys turn fraudsters

Our sisters become prostitutes

Involving in crimes

In order to make ends meet. 


Unemployment and nepotism 

Greed and favoritism 

Becomes the new routine for employees

Many are dead, the living ones are depressed. 


The mouthwatering appetite for wealth

Some use their relatives for rituals

Swallow wraps to pass borders

Kidnap and molest little children. 


Some give their daughters in early marriages

Girls turned sex slaves in Italy and France

Government officials in latest vehicles

When citizens struggle to fend for their families. 



 No locomotion in our foreign trade 

Some don't help others because, 

They feel Crisis haven't reached them yet

Many fight for corruption and dominance 


Political and cultural difference? 

Causing unnecessary war and sorrow 

Police officers wasting lives,and becoming apologetic afterwards. 


During elections we become gullible,  

Some fanatics in religion

People you vote in, turn against you

Our leaders are hypocrites! 


Best positions are given up for VIP's 

Mismanagement of our resources

We've been economically recessed

Conditions turn worse daily. 


Are things supposed to be like this?

Is coal now greater than crude oil?

We need more schools for the children

Employment opportunities for graduates. 


Crystal clear, everyone sees it

We complain but still, fear to speak up

We don't wanna die nothing to live for

Instead, some run away for greener pastures. 


After all is said and done

We have a role to play

In bringing our country to sanity

Let's join hands together and refute mediocrity! 


© Jason Joshua Chigozie 

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