Anger, Revenge —Mother To Regrets

By Rahma O. Jimoh 7 months ago

An essay



 When unexpected pain meets an already blazing fury then the hairs on your body stands up, ready to fight, ready to retaliate, your head suddenly becomes fire, hot, peppery, thudding. You don't get yourself again, all you feel is pain and bitterness, anger and fury. 

 Yet an inner voice keeps shouting "you don't deserve this, fight, fight, fight back, if you can't use your physical strength, use your tongue, your tongue is a sword, its your weapon, fight back, if you don't, this would never stop".

 So mirages of negative thoughts kept cascading your pained heart, so you stood up, abandoning the quiet plea of common sense telling you to remember the good days, crying that you shouldn't forget the days the offender had been good. Pleading that you could be the offender, that we all make mistakes.

  Anyway, you allowed pain and negativity rule you, you forgot everything you were and everything you hope to be. You took the bull by the horn, and revenged, you spit words of venom like a wounded serpent. You forgot everything else, pain, pain was the only thing you saw.

 You forgot that patience was the sword of life; the fastest road to success. You killed the patience you built for years in just a single moment. 

 If only you knew you were just a step closer to your dreams but for your anger and hunger for revenge.

 Yes, you had your revenge, out of pain, you revenged. You've overdone, you've said all the 'unsayables', you've done the 'unforgettables', the 'unforgivables'.

 Now, you are sorry, sincerely you are sorry, you can't believe you actually did it,  you can't believe you said those words, your tongue couldn't have said it, you hate yourself, you wish time could be reversed, you begs for forgiveness.

 Now, what if your culprit refuse to forgive too? What if your culprit decides to revenge too? And then the circle goes on and on, revenge and revenge and revenge!

For verily revenge, breeds only more revenge, breeds only more hatred, breeds only more pain, breeds failure, more failure.

"Beware of anger, it's a disastrous enemy, revenge is its twin, and regret is that which follows them."

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Rahma O. Jimoh
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