Amubi: The Land Of Fertility

By Agatha Johnson 12 months ago

The land of fertility

Surrounded with good soil

Filled with milk and beauty

Where God answers all prayers

Though not accepted


The land of fertility

Where fertility is judged

On the heads you bring forth

Not by hand

But by womb


The land of fertility

Where the judgement of the womb

Is out of wedlock

Not according to God's plan

But the norms of the land


The land of fertility

Where the income is not analysed 

But the outcome of the womb is important

Irrespective of the age

As being ridiculed is far - fetched 


The land of fertility

Where; immorality is the language of the youth

Marriage the joy of the strangers

A child begots a child

And the old applauds her strength


The land of fertility

Where; education is for the strangers

Indecency the order of the day

The youth's strength is measured by his manhood's outcome

And not his out put


The land of fertility

That has all

But uses none

As it focuses on reproduction

And not production


Welcome to Amubi

A land that needs; civilization




All a Second time

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