Am Sorry Episode 3

By Adigun Mayowa 10 months ago

Episode 3
I still can't believe April is gone "Dawn"she's gone to soon. I remembered when we both met it was raining,I was sent on an errand by my mom I didn't like stepping out when it rains but my mom urgently needed the stuff do I took an umbrella and dashed out the house as I walked passed the main road leading to the local market by our house.I saw this young lady completely soaked by the rain she was terribly shaking as I saw this I offered her my jacket which I was  putting on.She then passed out I panicked,I didn't know what to do then I saw her purse on the floor,I opened it there I found out her address I managed to carry her home I must confess she's really heavy!

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Adigun Mayowa
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