Am Sorry Episode 2

By Adigun Mayowa 7 months ago

Ep 2
Finally I found her close to the burnt bus remains.
April! April!! I shouted with all my might,she opened her eyes and gave me a sad smile half of her body has been chopped. I crawled towards her then she whispered.
"Tobi move on" Then she dropped are last breathe. I scream with every little strength I had back there, the bus remainings blew up as one of the door flew and hitting me hard on the head, I fainted.
A day later I woke up in the hospital with my mom in tears by my side holding my hand tight.
Mom? I said in a very weak tone.
Tobi! She said in a nervous tone."Are you alright" ? She asked touching my head.Then dad rushed in.
Son,are you alright he asked?Holding my other hand.Suddenly I remembered April I jumped up,they held me back.As my mom asked silently "you're looking for April"aren't you? I node slowly.She then whispered she's dead! I couldn't move I just sat there as tears rolls down my cheeks.I couldn't eatt,sleep nor stop wiping,I still couldn't.

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