Am Sorry

By Adigun Mayowa 7 months ago

Episode 1
The night was dark,I lied on my bed with my eyes wide open I couldn't sleep.As I couldn't forget what happened two days ago.
I didn't wanted to go to school that day but I promised "April "my girlfriend that I'd come.I quickly took my bath and rushed down for my breakfast,as I shoveled a spoon full into my mouth I lost my appetite, took my bag and dashed outside. As I step outside I sighted the schoolbus approaching then I ran towards it.On broading the bus all I had my eyes and mind on was searching for April, there she was at the back sit,I quickly sat near her.How was your night I whispered to her.
Fine! she answered in a tiny tone.We then both laughed.
Shortly after we heard a "Boom" sound. Next we knew our bus tumbled. Smoke filled the air,Students dead bodies was littering the road, students were barely recognized. I managed to move but I was stucked by one of the heavy seats of the bus it was right on my leg,I struggled to pull it out as I searched aimlessly for April.

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