All Of A Sudden

By Jason Joshua chigozie 4 months ago

Love doesn't seem blind 

You're like my lens

Your love to brighten up my world. 


We've had offs and on

Quarreled and fought

But the love waxed stronger. 


Suddenly things changed

Not for good but bad

I never wished for this. 


Life of the party

Late night hangout

Immorality became your new logo. 


Now prefer piercings and tattoos

To our late night chats

Gotta bad reputation for yourself. 


Sexual amusement turns the order

You and I don't get along no more

Acting like we don't belong to each other. 


I'm trying to put things right

Want you to be yourself

But it ain't working. 


Like seasons and climate people change 

You changed for worse

I cried and cried. 


Wish you'd come back

But I had no choice  than leaving

Goodbye, dearestšŸ˜­. 

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