Alcoholic Truth

By Olatide Oluwadamilola 4 months ago

She is drunk

I know her

she is the bold type

She doesn't mingle and she is still single

Always straight to the point and clear in her speech

All she talks about is work

no more, no less

If life is hard, she doesn't show

If life is good, she doesn't show either

I am curious about her life after work

what does she do?

How does she live?

Here she is, standing in front of me

smelling of alcohol and restless at the same time

No matter the number of time I asked, how many bottles she took

she wouldn't say

All she did was to call out my name and laugh

The next thing she said gave me a new perception about life

life is unstable, she said

one day you are having a hard time

the next day you feel a great sense of achievement

Then one day you fail again and get so frustrated

and then you sigh thinking you can't move on anymore

But then you see something funny and you laugh

you eat something good and it tastes so delicious

and you feel happy when you see someone you admire

I guess this all part of life, right?

But you see all these ups and downs can be so stressful

All this is becoming really exhausting

still with that life continues

life is very diligent

But I am very lazy and can't do anything about it

Right there, she dozed off

I wish I told her about Jesus earlier

I will when tomorrow comes

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