Al Majiri (beggars)

By Rahma O. Jimoh 5 months ago

A poem



We are humans too

With spirits and souls

Like yours, ever yearning

For comfort and solace


We are humans too

Even if humanity hauled us

Into depending on others and

Our empty stomach betrays us

 Forcing us into the  cruel street

 To clamour —to beg for food


We have feelings too,

We want to survive without begging,

We want to sleep on cozy big beds

Like you do, we wish to have a home

A home to embrace comes dusk.


All we ever gets are food leftovers

And overused torn drapless cloths,

We wants to go to school like the 

kids down the street

And live independently but the seed

Of Al MAJIRI has been planted in 

Our poor souls, and we are helpless.


It's not our fault

That our sight are sightless

And our physic's disabled

We dream and hope too

But we  long learnt how derilous

hope can be.

Or what happens to a dream 




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