Aisha...the Brown Begger Girl

By Glory Praise 6 months ago

On my way home back from the hub that evening, I stopped by the side of the road to buy detergent from the guy with a truck that contains all types and forms of soap and detergent, and while I was trying to choose which detergent to buy, I felt a pull on my blouse, and when I looked down to find the source of the pull.

 It was a little brown girl, from the Fulani tribe I guess, She looked between 6-7 years of age, Her hair tho unkempt was fluffy and brown, her dress soiled with dirt and sand, her eyes were bright and brown, she had a very dark brownish complexion, tiny fingers and a protruding stomach but she looked like one of those smart children despite her shabby look.

Before I could say a word to her, she said "Aunty, I dey hungry, I wan chop" and smiled at me while giving me one of those pitiful look. I thought of how to engage her in a quick conversation without losing her attention because she was already jumping and smiling at me expecting me to give her money so she could leave to find her next target maybe.

"Where is your mother?" I asked her, and she pointed to the other side of the road, I further asked for her name, and she said "my name na ....Aisha," I asked her gently "Aisha na only food you wan chop, you no won go school?" she replied "I wan go school na but first hunger dey catch me."

I then asked her "If I carry you go school, you go follow me?" she seemed pleased and excited at the question because she jumped around playfully and replied "Yes na, I wan go school sef but my mama no gree put me for school, she say money no dey..." 

I smiled at her and told her "No worry eh, you go go school one day eyeh?" and gave her 100 Naira note and said, "Oya go buy something chop".

I watched her jump around happily while thanking me then ran to where she pointed her mother was to show her the money. The joy this little brown girl had was enviable.

If only Aisha could have the opportunity to go to school, she would even be happier than she was now...

Educate the girl child...make someone happy!


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