Air Please!

By Udoh Ruth 9 months ago

Loads of heavy duty , super functioning electrical or heat generating gadgets have very good vents.

Even houses have vent around the kitchen area, and areas where heat generating devices are installed.

Most times there is a special instruction to never cover the vent area of a device.

Some times a device malfunctions and the only reason for that is simply because the vent was obstructed and something blew up inside.

The largest vents I ever saw are windows, have you ever lived in a house with poorly constructed windows or no windows at all?

You feel the frustrating suffocation that saps your life away bit by bit.

A whole lot of times our life activities brings us heat, emotional and mental heat which is usually all bottled up.

Because our society has place only for the strong and those who have got everything together and are in one word perfect.

No wonder people resort to wearing false expressions and persona just to get the accreditation of the society while he/she dies slowly inside.

The child, the parent, the worker, the boss, the friend, the neighbour or even the passer all filled with something to say but either holding back on it or never given an opportunity to share,to speak up or to air their minds, and if they ever do, then they get labelled as weak, or disrespectful or ungrateful.

Little wonder some people who seem to be doing all fine, go down after a  long while with tales of secret self-hurtful habits like doing drugs, chain smoking, chronic drinking, attempting suicide and other vices, which sometimes their immediate family members are not even aware of.

Come on, if dead, emotionless devices need to vent, then humans need to vent even better.

We must learn to open up and speak up, open our hearts for some fresh air and stop storing negative feelings inside, bottling everything up waiting for the day of an explosion, which is totally unnecessary. 

It is okay to be weak, it is okay to be tired sometimes, to cry and let all the emotions outs, air your view and emotions, and don't let anyone make you feel guilty for airing your mind. Fear of people and fear of hurting other people always restrains us from venting, but at whose detriment, it is always better to sit down and talk about it in an honest and unoffenssive way. 

When we learn how to sit and talk about it, we see that our issues are sometimes unfounded or the other person is unaware and then there is a journey towards  positively addressing the issue and everyone goes back home happy.

We must learn to vent periodically, positively in the right way to the right person or thing. Yeah sometimes, my book is my venting ground, other times music soothes but somehow we must vent.

How are you venting?

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