African Beauties

By Frank Olunga Khange 4 months ago

African beauties

The birds singing loudly

African beauties walking proudly

With well-calculated steps

Shaking what they inherited

They are highly ranked

Heavenly rated


African beauties

The rivers are clapping happily

African beauties are adorable daily

Working every muscle out

With charming voices no need to shout

They compliment the nature's beauty

Marvelous piece of art carved by Almighty


African beauties

The wind is whispering their names

Whenever they pass you will break your neck

Their bodies flexible than a snake

Always real never fake

Their beauty is a world wonder

They are a temptation to the elder


African beauties

The sun is shining shyly 

They are of many shades

Dark, chocolate, brown and light skin

Fat, slim both are sexy and beautiful

They make Africa more joyful

Their presence makes the environment glow

They are the African precious gems

The reason Europeans prefer African games 

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Frank Olunga Khange
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