Africa My Land, My Pride

By Falana Idowu Zion 21 months ago

O Africa
The home of love and art
Your beauty aglow on a fertile land
Beautiful as the purple flush of dawn
Your eyes like two twin stars shining in the sky

The birthplace of humanity
The cradle of life and art
You live a life enchanted with diversity
Your color, customs, songs and tribes
You wear them like peacock for everyone to behold and smile

Your sculptures, culture and metal works
Travel and catapults lives from afar
They stand tall, strong and bizarre
Captivating the eyes and heart of man
You are the stardom and beauty of life

Africa my land, my pride
I love thy tingatinga painting style
And your wonderful eye-popping attires
Your Agbada, Djellaba, Dashiki and kaftans
They are all memorable and nice

Your food and the dancing styles
Throw a man into the poetic earth
But river of tears is rolling down my eyes
As your culture is becoming a stardom of the past
Are they no more a paved road to pass?

O Mama Africa, will you let your eyes rest on your heart
As civilization draws your pride into a forgotten land
How I wish you dig and live up your golden inheritance
I pledge allegiance to you my land
I love you with my heart

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