Afraid Of Sanity

By Neme Daniel 18 months ago

Another lazy day, am propped up with a pillow,

Watching the rain mercilessly hitting the window pane,

The trees screaming and hollowing as the wind billowed,

I tried to reach for my pills;pills for my pain.

My legs suspended somewhere between the ceiling and the bed,

I had been crying, the tear marks left my half burnt face looking like a sea bed,

My battered body looked like a broken farm shed,

As watched the debris outside from my window,tossed ungracefully in all directions,

It reminded me of the painffl way my car dismembered flying in all directions.

The screams from the trees reminded me of my own screams,

The coalition had been so powerful; Off went my tyre rims,

My car's remains was foldedand tossed like a strip of aluminium,

Left limb was unresposive and looked down on me like it was on a podium.

Thank you gasoline truck screamed the burns on my face,

My heart thumped rapidily as if trying to match the painful burns pace.

    So thats how useless I look and I am,

The only recognisable primalfeature on me kudos to the glove was my rightpalm,

This was how I spent my mornigs; in reminise,

Searching for a warning sign about that day I may have missed.

I am scared this was what I will do till I die,

I long to loose my sanity or let my memories lie,

Am half way there I know.

Afraid of my sane mind and all the memories it feeds me with.

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