Accommodating Differences

By Riona Ogwuche 22 months ago

   My fiance said,  "The way people treat you is not a reflection of who you are but the kind of person they are, just keep being good. You are only important to the extent to which they need you." True. Wise man you may say.

   Life relationships are one of the hardest things to maintain but in all, keep being good and right and fair; do not step down the bar instead of raising it higher. If the relationship drains you and adds nothing: no values added, no refreshing, no new thing to learn or positive to is not the right interaction to keep.

  So events make me remember that you do not force yourself into people's lives, "they only need you for what they can gain from you at that moment", he added . Be the best even when it hurts, be influential so they can remember the impact you made.

Trying to make even with them does not give you the advantage; it shortens your leverage over them. It looks unfair, like you are giving your all and sometimes, your strength fail you. Take the rest you deserve and bounce back up. Become your brother's and sister's keeper whether they are deserving or not. One good turn deserves another, as one bad turn deserves a second chance.

There is no need for an eye or a tooth for a revenge. Learn to accomodate one another. You will be surprised how much room you have to welcome plenty, just be careful who you welcome in and who you shut out.

A wise man said, "What money can buy, relationships too can buy", I believe him. So do not let people's attitude get into the way of you getting to your throne. At first it looks like you are losing but winning is surely ahead, just look beyond.

Learn to accomodate differences in people and living will be a lot easier.

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