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By Michael Uzowuihe 12 months ago

There was need for transformation due to inventions and technology to keep the society ablaze and sustain with developments. Before development could occur there is need for enlightenment to education in which we tend to solve.

The company is founded by Michael Cruz and Modus Pater to create awareness and see the need for education passed through technology can be achieved. We hope for the best in the society to transform the mindset of people toward technological advancement and learn how to go about their productivity. Technological education has been something found lagging in most institutions due to lack of resources to achieve its sole aim and that which we tend to bring to light in individuals.

We are committed, transparent, capable and trustworthy in dealing with our customers/clients through the information we share because the community is an open one for everyone and as a start-up, it really needs maximum cooperation in the eco-system. We seek just for the principle reason of providing information that are likely to solve technological problems among learners and thus enable them to proffer solutions or be aware of recent advancements through technology in their society.

We believe in time to come, the aim we seek for will be achieved and that through Learners-Tech, the world can be networked more and made more of a global village through the education guides it offers.   

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